By using DISCOVERY 21ST, plants get greenery and freshness besides the process of light synthesis becomes active, more supportive is available for the plants and improvements is brought out in the internal accumulation system of the plants. It strengthens the roots, more nutritive, elements, which we provide as manure, the benefits of the same are transferred to plants to plants. The natural Harmones and Enzymes presents in the plants, get them more active as a result of which production is increased besides preventing fruits and flowers being fallen. Till now, whatever are the plant-energisers. �Discovery 21st� work is moat astounding. This increases the production to such an extent that no one can even believe unless it is not used. At least it should be used and then only you will realize how much prosperous you and your yield would become.


�DISCOVERY - 21st� can be used for all types of vegetables, either creepers, flower types, root types or leaves types. In the vegetables of lengthy shapes, greenery appears in the plants by the use of �DISCOVERY - 21st� more number of flowers and fruits start appearing. It is also useful to protect the flowers and fruits from being fell. By the use of �DISCOVERY - 21st�
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new branches are grown which increases the production. The leaves adopt dark green colour which stimulate
the process of food preparation and increases the production of fruits and flowers.
It also increases the size and weight of Cabbages and Cauliflowers and makes then solid.
It increases the production by letting more branches to grow in the plants of Brinjals, Chilies, and Ladyfingers.
Tomatoes, Pumpkin, Beans, Bitter ground, Peas, Cucumbers, Cucumber (Kakri) water Melons, Melons Parmal,
potato, Tori, etc. After that availability of vegetables are made possible for longer duration but also increase their
size and weight. It provides quick development of laves of vegetable of like Spinach etc. It also increase the
production of vegetables like Potatoes, Carrot, Onion, garlic, Turnip, sweet, potato Radish, Arbi, etc.

In the crop of Mustard, Curbitaceous, Sunflower, Soya bean Groundnut etc. it helps in growing more and more
pods (phallies) and increase their sizes and also enhance their branches so as to get more production. It also
enriches their respective grain and increases their oil contents.

With the use of �DISCOVERY -21st� more and more plant come out from the roots of the crop of Paddy, Wheat
etc. The grain becomes solid. The crops Corn, Millet and Pearls Millet give better production as a result of the
use of �DISCOVERY - 21st�. The manure is the plant.

It is very beneficial for the crops of Coriander, capsicum, Chipping (Zeera), Turmeric (Haldi) and Ginger. Spray
should be carried out on the roots of these plants with the help of �DISCOVERY - 21st� by mixing it in the ratio of
2ml to 5 ml. With 1Ltr. water. Second spray to be carried out with 10 to 30 days. After that, you will notice that
how this �DISCOVERY - 21st�helps the crops in facing the bad effects of the weather.

Therefore, the following resulting would be obtained by the farmer brethren would obtain the following resulting by
using the �DISCOVERY - 21st�:
(i)   It makes the crops ready with quickness. This wonderful plants grower enriches the farmers by arranging 
      more and more profits to them.
(ii)  It increases the productivity of the crops.
(iii) It also enhances the capability of the crops to face all types of weathers.
(iv) Plants remain more and more healthy.
(v)  The plants are provided with protection from the insects to a greater extent
(vi) By proving manures to the plants in the initial stage, �DISCOVERY - 21st� provides terrific power to the
plants for their developments by making them healthy. As a result of this, production of the crops become more
then double, for which you would feel extremely surprised.
WARRANTY: The above-mentioned information�s are true and fully correct as per our understanding. As the use
this by the farmers is beyond our control, therefore, we do not take of any type of responsibility except the
quality of �DISCOVERY - 21st�.
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